Rick Santorum: Champion of the stupid

February 8, 2012

Rick SantorumI had the misfortune of being exposed to Rick “Frothy Mix” Santorum’s victory speech after winning a handful of primary elections in the flyover states last night. Naturally, it was only a matter of seconds before he started to pander to his provincial audience by ranting about how Obama is worse than Hitler cubed, blah blah “Obamacare,” “war on religion,” socialism, et al. You know, the usual things you’d expect from someone who is estranged from reality. But then he added “Obama thinks he’s smarter than you. He thinks he knows better than you.”

You know, because having a president that is smarter than one of Rick Santorum’s fans (i.e. with an I.Q. in the triple digits) is such an awful thing. I know Barack Obama is smarter than I am, and I’m okay with that. It doesn’t hurt my ego one bit. You know, because he’s the President of the United States and all, and therefore has a bit more responsibility than someone like myself who performs menial office work for eight hours a day. It never ceases to amaze me that there are actually people out there who would be offended at the idea that the person with the nuclear launch codes just might possibly be a little bit more astute and well-informed than someone who willingly attaches fake testicles to the trailer hitch on their pickup truck.

When you go to see a movie, do you get mad at George Clooney because he thinks he can act better than you can? Or what about Manny Pacquiao? I bet he thinks he could beat you in a fight. That’s why they’re where they are, getting paid the big bucks. Because they’re better than most people at what they do. That’s not to say that being the President automatically means being intelligent (please refer to the years 2001-2008), or that being the star of a movie automatically means being talented (see Rooney Mara), but when someone is put into a position of prominence, he or she should ideally possess the skills necessary to do their job well, not simply be an average joe that won’t make the average Walmart shopper feel threatened.

Yes, Barack Obama thinks he knows better than you. And that’s a good thing. Deal with it.