Portraits – About

Meathead’s Year Book was a project in which I (Meathead) successfully attempted to draw a picture of a different famous (or at least marginally famous) person every day throughout the year of our Lord 2011.

I started by compiling a list of 400 names of people, including actors, musicians, artists, politicians, athletes, religious leaders, and “other.” Some are living, some are dead; some conservative, others liberal; some widely respected, others not so much. I didn’t just pick people I like, in fact I can’t stand some of the people on this list, but that doesn’t matter. The only requirement was that each person be at least somewhat well known to the general public; e.g. not my next door neighbor or the homeless guy who occasionally wanders by while screaming about how he wants to kill everyone he sees. Most were from the twentieth century to the present, but I didn’t include anyone who lived before the advent of photography. So no Christopher Columbus or Henry VIII. (Sorry.)

Once the list was completed, I wrote each name on a small slip of paper and put it in a box. (If you’re wondering if this was an enormous pain in the ass, you’re absolutely correct!) Every day in 2011, I randomly picked one piece of paper from the box and drew a picture of whoever’s name was on it. Therefore, I never knew who I would be drawing until that very day. And since there were more names in the box than days in the year, there was no guarantee that any one person would get picked during the course of this project.

As for the drawings themselves, that’s where there were no real rules, aside from not being able to spend more than a day on each one. They could be quick (read: “shitty”) impressionistic sketches, detailed caricatures, or just bizarre surrealism. The only requirement was that each drawing be in some way a visual representation of that day’s chosen person.

The project officially drew to a close on December 31, 2011; however, I’ve decided to keep things going indefinitely, under a new name. The basic rules are the same, with the exception that now I’m drawing whoever I feel like each day rather than picking names at random.